The members

Angel Williams- Junior


Hello, My name is Angel Williams and I am a Junior here at McDaniel College. I am involved with the Black Student Union (BSU) and I am apart of the McDaniel Cheer team.

I am a vibrant and charismatic individual with a big and loving heart. I love to embrace the freedom of life by trying to have a positive outlook on life, even though life can be a huge struggle. You will always see a smile on my face because my end goal in life is to make a difference and to be happy.

Show Name: Angel Baby Topic: #BlackLivesMatter

Show Time:


Maryanna Lynch- Junior


Personal Bio: A transfer from NYU, Maryanna is part of the softball team and DangerSauce improv group at McDaniel. She likes Reese Cups, twenty one pilots, goats, literature, space, justice, and coffee. She dislikes water slides, platform sneakers, mayonnaise, and waking up before noon.

Show name: Sad, Rad, and Bad at Everything

Show time:Tuesdays at 4pm

Description: Influenced mostly by my mood, each show will focus on one of the “emotions” listed in the title: sad, rad, or bad at everything. The object of this show is to introduce listeners to music typically not heard on Top 40 Radio Stations. Not specifically limited to any one genre, Sad, Rad, and Bad at Everything will focus mainly on alternative music and its subsets.


Dajuan Price – Senior


Station Manger

I’m that guy always wearing headphones around campus. I’m proud to be a part of the new radio station.


Adrian Stanley – Freshman

Adrian Stanley.PNG

Personal Bio: I love rock music. On this show we are gonna listen to the baddest bands, and rock to the hardest and loudest music.

Show Name: Kickin’ Rock Show

Show Time: Wednesdays, 10-12PM



Corey Sekulow – Freshman


Personal info: Hey guys! My name is Corey and I love sports and anything with wheels. I am I giant technology geek and a car enthusiast and an overall music lover. My genre of choice is either EDM, Trap, rap, or hard-style. I am a technical theater major and love working behind the scenes.

Show Name: The Power Trio

Show time: Thursday 10PM-Friday 12AM

Description: The show consists of Trap, Rap, and EDM know in my world as the big three. Hence the name the power trio, the show will be mostly the three genre’s above.